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Microspot XRF for metal finishing

Microspot XRF for metal finishing

Plating Analysis and Coating Thickness

Offering high resolution silicon drift detectors for both solution analysis and multi-layer coating thickness. No matter the coating, we have a solution for Cr, Cu, Ag, Ni, Au, Sn, Zn and Ti. All units include automatic laser focus with options for automatic tables and multiple collimators for any size sample.

Corrosion resistance

Verify the thickness and chemistry of the applied coatings to ensure product functionality and life-span in harsh environments. Handle small fasteners or large assemblies with ease.

Wear resistance

Prevent product failure by ensuring coating thickness and uniformity of critical components operating in abrasive environments. Complex shapes, thin or thick coatings and finished goods can all be measured.

Decorative finish

When the goal is to achieve a flawless finish, quality control throughout the production process is critical. With our range of test equipment, you can reliably inspect base materials, test intermediate and top layers.

High-temperature resistance

Surface treatments for parts operating in the most extreme conditions must be controlled within tight tolerances. Ensure coatings specifications are met to prevent product recalls and potentially catastrophic failures.

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