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Folio SMART Tri-gloss Meter is an affordable 60°, 20, and 85 ° Glossmeter designed to measure all types of finishes on virtually any flat or slightly curved surface. The Tri-Gloss has been designed to meet ASTM D523 and ISO 2813 at an affordable price.  Simple by design the Tri-Gloss automatically calibrates to the calibration tile in its base.  There are no pins or magnets that could fail requiring expensive repairs. Measurement Angles: 20, 60, 85  Memory: 10,000 measurements or 999 data groups RS-232 Interface, uses KSJ Data Operator software Traceable: Includes certificate of calibrations, traceable to KSJ Low Cost: Five times less expensive than major brand name competitors, Standards: Meets ASTM D523 and ISO 2813 2 year warranty

Folio SMART 60°, 20°, and 85° Glossmeter

SKU: MG268-F2
  • KSJ
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