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The Intrinsically Safe TL3-A thermometer is the latest evolution of ThermoProbe’s industry standard TL series. The TL3-A has been certified to the latest global standards for hazardous locations (Ex).A large display and easy to hold design makes the TL3-A more convenient for use as a reference in the lab or field. The rugged plastic alloy case and buttons are well suited for use in industrial applications, even with gloves. The TL3-A innovative circuitry provides improved temperature accuracy, response time and battery life.TL3-A thermometers are intended to be used anywhere a precision glass stem thermometer or other type thermometer is used. Versatile software functions allow easy selection of Celsius or Fahrenheit units and display resolution. Minimum, maximum and average temperatures are automatically stored to memory for later reference. Low battery display, and failure mode indications protect the user from false data. Encoded Calibration is unaffected by temperature, vibration, or battery removal.  A one year warranty, protective case and NIST traceable 4 point calibration report are included.

Resolution 0.01 Degrees
Calibrated Accuracy:
±0.1°F from 14 to 320°F
±0.06°C from -10 to 160°C
Range: -40°F to 400°F (-40°C to 204°C)

NIST Traceable Report of Test
Standard 4 point calibration: 32°F(0°C) , 120°F(49°C),
199°F(93°C) & 300°F(149°C)

Intrinsically Safe TL3-A Thermometer certified for Hazardous Locations

  • 10-15 Business days

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