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CMI257: Handheld Paint, Powder and Plating Thickness Gauge with tethered probe for ferrous and non-ferrous substrates.

Ideal solution for Paint & Powder Coaters, Paint Contractors, Coating Inspectors, Electroplating Plants, Automotive & Aerospace Finishers and quality professionals. Key Features: Tethered probe to access hard-to-reach measurement locations. On-board statistics include number of readings, average, standard deviation, high and low reading.


Features base re-zero, measurement statistics and tethered probe.


Thickness Range:  0 to 140 mils ferrous, 0 to 120 mils non-ferrous, 0 to 3500 microns ferrous, 0 to 3000 microns non-ferrous

Accuracy:  +/-2% or +/- 0.08 mils, 2 microns

Resolution:  0.1@100 and 0.2@140 mils, 1@1000, 2@2500 adn 5@3500 microns


CMI257: Handheld Coating Thickness Gauge Tethered Probe 0 to 140 mils

SKU: 10005956
  • Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science America Inc.
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