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byko-visc RT Lite H

Rotational Viscometer for high viscosity

Measuring Range in cP: 300 - 100.000.000

6 Spindles included

Speed range (RPM): 0.3 to 200

No. of speeds: 21 predefined speeds

ASTM D2196

Includes ISO 17025 calibration certificate


As a manufacturer, viscosity specifications need to be developed and defined by R&D for the products used in specific conditions – often customization of recipes is required. To ensure a stable viscosity performance in production tests need to be run daily. The new byko-visc RT Lite provides you all the flexibility needed for any measurement task.

  • Single-point tests
  • Data display: includes report chart with numbers
  • 5” Color touch screen 800 x 600
  • Test Mode: Time to Torque, Time to stop
  • Dymo LabelWriter output for sample labeling
  • Electronic bubble leveling w/adjustable feet
  • USB memory stick 
  • Optional temperature probe
  • CE/UL/CSA Approved

byko-visc RT Lite H - 300 - 100.000.000cP range

SKU: 8352
  • Byk

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