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AA100 dual channel auto analyzer

AA100 dual channel auto analyzer

AA100 Dual Channel Auto Analyzer

The compact dual channel AA100 auto analyzer is the ideal chemistry analyzer for laboratories running only 1 or 2 dedicated chemistries. Like the bigger AA3 HR AutoAnalyzer it is designed specifically for environmental and industrial testing laboratories. Using Segmented Flow Analysis techniques (also known as Continuous Flow Analysis) the AA100 Auto Analyzer fully automates repetitive and complex sample analysis steps, including sample distillation. With its very small footprint, this compact auto analyzer will fit into any bench top, in any orientation. Despite its compact size, and simplicity of use the AA100 Auto Analyzer delivers you some of the same features as the bigger AA3 AutoAnalyzer including the same low detection limits, exceptional reproducibility, glass coils, digital photometer, LED light source, up to 100 tests per hour and a very low cost per test.

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