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Polymer Mechanical Test Specimens

Polymer Mechanical Test Specimens 

Axxicon manufacturers a quick-change mould system used to create polymer test specimens. The Quick-change mould system and inserts can be configured to your exact needs for all sorts of test requirements. Low to high mould temperatures suitable for all kind of thermoplastics, compounds, and bio plastics. Thermo couples, cavity thermo/pressure sensors, proximity switches, shotcounters, runner switches, engravings as logo’s can be added on your demand. All kinds of textures can be applied on inserts and mirrors, e.g. automotive reference standards or individual surface grains. 

  • ASTM inserts 

  • ASTM D638 Type 1 and, ASTM D638 Type IV for Tensile Testing 

  • ASTM D6110 (3,2), ASTM D6110 (6,4), ASTM D648 HDT (3,2), ASTM D648 HDT (6,4) and ASTM D790 Hot for Charpy Impact Testing ASTM D256 (3,2) and 

  • ASTM D256 (6,4) for Izod Impact Testing 

  • ASTM D2240 50mm plaque 

  • Colour and step plaques 

  • Insert XS for determination of anisotropy

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